Tools are necessary to enhance the following gabion installation aspects.

1. Neatness of gabion infill and packing
2. Ensure aligning of the structure horrizontally and vertically
3. Speedup the gabion installation and ensuring high quality works at the same time
4. Our trainers use these tools when they teach on site

Enjoy efficiently neat installations of your gabion materials with our advanced tool sets. These tools have been specifically chosen to ensure the shortest possible installation time. These tools also ensure that the quality of the installation is of the highest standard.

The tool sets consists of the following items to assist you in installing the gabion materials, it is not however a prerequisite to have these tools, however they do aid in achieving better results:

  • Combination pliers

  • Crow bars

  • Gabion tensioner

  • Gabion frame

  • Tensioning frame

  • Heavy duty hammer

  • Leather gloves

  • Stanley knife

  • Fencing standards


Can be used for all gabion and mattress installations.


Hog Rings:

A new Product on the market which will make life easier for the installer:


Hog Rings

Pneumatic Hog Ring Gun

Manual Hog Ring Clip