Use high quality geotextiles behind and below the structures against the soil. We supply quality non-woven or woven geotextile for gabion installations or other applications.

Geotextile filter fabric materials are used to prevent the migration of fine soils from below or behind the baskets, through the gaps between rock particles. This can cause subsidence problems below or behind the gabion structure if not applied correctly and will become a problem especially in sandy soils. Clay soils do not generally require a geotextile filter fabric as they do not pass through the basket. Use a suitable geotextile at the gabion and soil contact facing. In soft soil foundations and wherever overlaps or joins are require we suggest a minimum overlap of 300mm(1 foot).

We supply geotextile in all sites where gabions are used, depending on the structure required we normally find that about 1-2m2 of geotextile per m3 of gabion is required.


Roll sizes available – 2.60 metres wide x 150m long – (390 m2) .


  • Filtration – Gabions and river mattresses, roads, concrete retaining walls.

  • Separation – High and low quality roadway layer work materials, and for roads over soft soils.

  • Drainage – Drainage of sports fields, railway tracks and behind concrete walls and embankments.

  • Membrane liner protection – Gabion structures, landfill sites.

  • Roadway lining – Provide waterproofing for layer works and wearing courses.