Hexagonal wovenmesh


Hexagonal wovenmesh is the perfect product for rockfall netting and to cover large areas of river mattresses quickly. The mesh is of high strength and made of durable material. Two options are available, either Class A Galvanised or with PVC coating. The mesh size is 80×100 mm hexagonal mesh type with either 2.5 or 2.7mm mesh wire and 3.0 or 3.4mm diameter salvage wire along the mesh roll edging. We normally also provide the 2.2mm binding wire for lacing rolls together along the common edge. These mesh rolls have a high tensile strength and can also be provided with steel dowels as required for anchorage into slopes.

Stop rockfalls securely and efficiently with mesh rolls and also use mesh rolls to cover large areas of mattresses, often mattress lids get in the way during installations, we recommend leaving them out of the way.

Roll sizes available – 2metres wide x 50m long (100m2) or 2 x 100


  • Rockfall mesh netting, for eroding mountain slopes and where the possibility of rock fall exists.
  • Mattress lids over large areas of installation.
  • Soil embankment horizontal mesh reinforcing can be used to increase the soils lateral tensile strength parameters.